VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK.....this is an actual shark attack, there is adult language in response to the attack.

Now that I am seeing this on video, you can tell that these guys filming really don't realize that there's been an attack....although the laughing while this swimmer is screaming is hard to take.   It should be pointed out that the people who shot the video and/or can be heard on the video have not been linked to the fisherman who hooked the shark.   The fishermen hooked the shark, which prompted the attack on unsuspecting swimmer, Steven Robles who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by LoudLabs was shot by visitors on the Manhattan Beach pier watching a group of swimmers go by.  It sounds pretty bad as they are laughing, but they wind up warning other swimmers of the shark.

The victim, Steven Robles is a LA Real Estate broker, experienced distance swimmer and he is ok. The shark bit him on the chest under his arm.