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After just a few days, the demand at  Colorado POT SHOPS has some saying a pot shortage is all too imminent. Legal weed has only been on for a week, but the million dollar turnout at the state-licensed shops in the last week has forced shop owners to rethink their supply plans. In Denver,one shop owner said "We are going to run out," “If there is a mad rush, we’ll be out by Monday.”

Bud business across Colorado is going insane, and has exceeded most expectations,  "Quite honestly, I do believe there is going to be a shortage of marijuana in the short term in Colorado," said Andy Williams of Denver’s Medicine Man shop. "Everyone is expanding that can, but it takes some time for that to come online. It will be a little while before the supply and demand level out. I think after the first month, people may start seeing stores with less of a selection and maybe a couple of them will run out.”

Indeed, the Associated Press was reporting last week that some Colorado shops had been forced to close earlier than expected on the first day of sales as more than $1 million in revenue was generated across the entire state. Sales were so significant at Fox’s 3D Cannabis Center through the weekend that the store started limiting how much it was willing to sell to each customer by enforcing a maximum transaction of 4 grams.

On Monday morning, some shops had to close in order to regroup. According to The Gazette, the national Cannabis Industry expects Colorado to generate $400 million in sales by the end of 2014. Shop owners in Denver told the paper that at least 50 percent of their sales on opening day went to out-of-state buyers, but Colorado is reaping around 25 percent off each transaction due to new taxes.

Basic economics sez, with HIGH demand and LO supply, your prices are GOING UP BABY! Lets start a new business now!!

Just the tax money inflow alone has me betting that ALOT more states will be legalizing very SOON!!