FAKECATIONING: To fake pics on your social media sites to make it look like you are vacationing in cool expensive places.

This is the dumbest sh*t ever.

To help you stop feeling like a loser when your friends on Facebook are constantly posting incredible vacation photos from around the world, well now there's a new photo trend online called 'Fakecationing,' where people take FAKE vacation photos.

It's basically photos of them in front of PHOTOS of exotic places.   The main technique is to put a photo of a beach or the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower up on your TV or computer screen . . . then pose in front and frame the photo so it looks like you're there.

Some people are even faking those "hot dog legs" beach photos, by posing their fingers like legs. So the next time you think someone is somewhere cool...take another look.   So was I really in Vegas, or what I just "fakecationing"?

How 'bout this pic, is it real or is it "fake-cation"?

ps. I am a lazy typist, plz excuse abbreviations