This imposter's name is Jason Hurley, who duped everyone(including the police) into thinking former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland had been arrested for methamphetamine possession and burglary.

   Jason Hurley, bares a striking resemblance to Weiland.  and his obscession goes deeper than just impersonating him on arrest. He claims to be in a Stone Temple Pilots cover band, named Stone Tempered Pilots.

On his Facebook page, he posted several months ago about a scheduled gig for the tribute act at Hollywood’s Roxy Theatre and claims to engage with a host of A-list musicians.   refering to Jane’s Addiction‘s Dave Navarro as “my buddy,” speaks of being at “Ozzies House with Sharon b——g in the background,” etc  and recalls being “attacked” by Juliette Lewis. He also likes soccer.


This story gets even's Scott's video from FB stating the TMZ report of his 4 month jail stint to be incorrect....then details below about the Scott imposter who IS in jail.  The guys is apparently, obscesssed with Scott. Even fronts a band called "Stone Tempered Pilots" and posts on his page as if he IS Scott Weiland...describing experiences at Ozzy' s house, etc, as if he IS Scott Weiland.