What happens in Vegas......

(ABOVE) Street actors earn a living doing this stuff....just posing for pics w/tourists. There's tons of 'em all up and down the strip. You gotta pay to get your pic with them.


Here's mini Elvis.....I just wanted to eat him. (ABOVE AND BELOW)

(BELOW) Liberace museum on the strip....he actually wore this on stage...

(BELOW) PARIS HOTEL right next door to the Planet Hollywood

(BELOW) The man eating plants at the Bellagio hotel Atrium display, just gorgeous

(BELOW) Here's some more Bellagio flowers...they are ALL REAL. Unlike my house where I just stick the silk ones in and I cant kill them all summer. Hey...it works.

(BELOW)The view out the 27th floor window at the Planet Hollywood Hotel, perfect viewing for the Bellagio Dancing waters.


(BELOW) More street actor girls working for Pic Tips...there were tons of the street actors, later that night I saw some super hot showgirl actors, but of course my friggin phone was dead. ugh!

(BELOW)At Planet Hollywood, they have Blackjack table dancers, these girls just dance all night up on a table not being used, most are pretty hot, here's one girl who stopped to pose so I could shoot a pic. Sorry my phone sucks, not very clear but you get the pic.

(BELOW)We got in so late on Friday night, even the airport was dead...VERY unusual for Vegas!!

 Thanks again to LIVENATION for doing all this, they got us great seats to the SOUNDGARDEN/NIN show at the Axis in Planet Hollywood. Nice venue, 7000 capacity, full up for this show. Soundgarden was fantastic, see video on the Eagle FB page. Played all the hits, great response from the crowd and Chris's voice is really good. I've heard him off at times, but man he was on the money last Saturday.  Once I figure out how to upload it here, I will.  I didn't see much of NIN, surprisingly, Soundgarden opened the show. I didn't expect that.

The streets were loaded with more drunks than I have ever seen...no projectile vomit fortunately. Lotsa bachelor/bachelorette parties going on everywhere. These girls wear pageant ribbons which makes them easy to bust on. They love it...
One guy in our elevator was so blasted he could hardly stand while leaning on some girl he clearly didn't know, he sez...."so ya think she's cute?"  .  We just nodded.  No good answer to that one...when a drunk sez that, he'll start throwing fisticuffs no matter what you say.

Everything was packed like NYC, never seen that many ppl walking the streets at midnight. More street performers than ever before, the age of the selfie no doubt. Every pic costs a tip, it was 5 bucks for mini Elvis, well worth it to me. These ppl make a living doing this, and  no cops to give them sh*t.  It was cool.

If you decide to hit the strip, I heard the slowest time of the year is right after superbowl in Feb. No crowds. Also, it was HOT....105, but dry. Definitely do your research on hotels, I thought Planet Hollywood was OK< it used to be the Alladin, and you can really see they didn't update everything. Its one of the only hotels without a strong theme, cuz although its supposed to be movie memorabilia, there isn't that much memorabilia there. Plus the pool REALLY SUCKED. We didn't even go in...VERY small and kinda yellow. Yuck. Some chemical imbalance I am sure.

Great trip, stay tuned to the SCULLY MORNIN SHOW for free trips to the I Heart Radio Festival, announcement WEd at 8am  (probably gonna be in Vegas again!)