The only thing that makes this worth mentioning is SETH ROGEN and JAMES FRANCO SPOOF of Kanye and Kim in Kanye VOGUE COVER.....  with THEIR faces Photoshopped over Kanye and Kim's. Very nice boys. How high were these two?

Seth Tweeted it out . . . and said, quote, "It had to be done."

AND IN THE W.G.A.R.A. (who give's a rats ass) CATAGORY:   There have been rumors that "Vogue" had banned KIM KARDASHIAN . . . but if that was true, it's no longer the case because the latest cover features Kim and KANYE WEST.

"Vogue's" anti-Kardashian stance was reportedly so strong that some people are now speculating that Kanye somehow strong-armed editor-in-chief Anna Wintour into featuring Kim . . . but she released a statement saying that's NOT true.