What happens in Vegas....will be on video on the Eagle website within minutes.

We're going to Vegas to see the opening night of the Soundgarden NIN tour and I will be shooting as much video as possible to upload to the Eagle FB page..

Lets see who can get really wasted besides Charlie Sheen. 

Hopefully we will........here's what we plan on doing besides seeing Soundgarden..

1.Get the sh*t scared out of us.

2. Gonna eat at a killer  CHEAP- ASS buffet. (meaning Cheap food, not cheap ASS.)

3. We'll try to hit the FREE PIRATE show at Treasure Island

4. DEFINITELY gotta see the Dancing Waters at the Bellagio

5. For a FREE SHOW, I heard the Sirens of Treasure Island is a pretty good show....this ship also featured in the Sandra Bullock movie, Ms Congeniality 2