It had been 11 years since the members of JIBE ( Joe, Toby, Ben and Corey) had graced the stage together. When JIBE made the announcement back in July, they would have a reunion at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill on September 25. The tickets were gone within 10 hours. Gas Monkey Live moved the show over to the bigger venue to accommodate for all the JIBE fans.

The house was packed to the brim last Friday. Supporting the JIBE Reunion were Dallas bands Fantasma, Page 9, Stareview and A Life In Arms Reach.

I spoke with lead singer Joe Grah backstage before they hit the stage. He was very happy to be back in Dallas and to start writing and recording new JIBE tunes with the other members. It seemed like all the members of JIBE felt like they were finally coming home to their fans here in Dallas. The atmosphere was like good friends joking around and ready to do what they do best! Rock our faces off! They did just that! They must have played at least 16 songs and each song was right on key, as if they never quit as a band. Phenomenal stage presence and sound.

Gas Monkey Live accommodated all the bands with a spectacular sound and light show. Dallas supporters filled the venue with fans, radio personalities and other bands from all over. It is much anticipated as this bands story unfolds in the near future.

 Debbie Sexxton

Thanks Todd Jara for the great pic!