He definitely sounds wasted, doesnt know what time it is, how  he got there, the cops say he had an "odor".                  

The dashcam video from Tiger Woods' arrest just came out.  IScary that he was actually out on the road in that condition.  (They found him asleep behind the wheel, and the cops reported that he could hardly stand up straight.  In this clip they try to get him to recite the alphabet.

The footage was shot early Monday morning from a Jupiter PD dash cam. Cops say Woods was passed out behind the wheel when they approached the car.

He's almost like a zombie in the footage -- swaying, incoherent ... and unable to even tie his own shoes. 

At one point during the stop, an officer tells Tiger he smells the "odor" of alcohol on him -- though Woods insists he did not drink. A breathalyzer later showed Tiger's BAC was .000.                                                                                                                                                                      

The incident took place roughly 8 miles from Tiger's home in Jupiter, FL. An obviously disoriented Woods told cops he believed he was in L.A. ... driving toward Orange County.

Woods insists alcohol was not a factor and blames it on an "unexpected reaction to prescription medications."

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