BILL MAHER Uses the N-WORD on his show, HBO may FIRE Him

Bill Maher has issued an apology for using the N-word on Friday’s edition of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

You can see below that he was trying to make a joke and called himself the racial slur

People are calling on HBO, Bill Maher to fire him

Maher said in a statement: “Friday nights are always my worst night of sleep because I’m up reflecting on the things I should or shouldn’t have said on my live show. Last night was a particularly long night as I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment. The word was offensive and I regret saying it and am very sorry.”

A rep for Maher said the comedian was traveling on Saturday and unavailable for further comment.  

The SH*T STORM around Maher’s use of the phrase “house n—–” during an interview segment has been building via social media ever since the show aired.   Now people are going back and looking at other things he said in the past.  

HBO is facing calls to fire Maher. The cabler issued a statement Saturday calling Maher’s choice of words “completely inexcusable and tasteless” but stopped short of any formal sanction against the host. 

Maher’s apology came about two hours after HBO’s statement.   He never apologizes for anything so this is pretty out of character.

As of Saturday afternoon, “Real Time” is expected to air next week in its usual 10 p.m. Friday slot.

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