A new sexual orientation to describe those who love porn even more than sex in real life has reportedly emerged.....PORNSEXUAL

Pornosexuality refers to those who identify with only being aroused by pornography and experience pleasure alone rather than through human interaction.

It differs from other sexual orientations because it’s a learned behavior that’s void of attachment or bonding with others.

People are more likely to become a pornosexual by watching X-rated material frequently as it desensitizes the brain and body, according to sex addiction therapist Christene Lozano.

She told Medical Daily: “The convenience of getting off online without the potential work, vulnerability, intimacy, and connection with others can be appealing to some.”

But the convenience of being able to access porn readily online has led to more people choosing to spend time alone rather than getting intimate in the bedroom.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed there are 3 KINDS OF PORN USERS AND ONLY ONE IS HEALTHY.

1. Recreational viewers account for 75 percent of all participants in the study, watching an average of 24 minutes of porn a week.  This group consisted of mainly women and people in relationships.

2.  Distressed viewers.... who watched porn for the least amount of time – about 17 minutes per week.  As the name suggests, the distressed group associate their emotional distress with watching X-rated material.

3. Compulsive viewers   This group may have made up just 11.8 percent of the participants, but watched a staggering 110 minutes of porn per week.

Recreational users reported higher sexual satisfaction and lower sexual compulsiveness, avoidance and dysfunction.

Compulsive users experienced lower sexual satisfaction and dysfunction and higher sexual compulsiveness and avoidance.

Those who were highly distressed but watched porn less were sexually less satisfied and reported less sexual activity and more sexual dysfunction and avoidance.

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