CHRIS LONG is a defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles.  And he was in the news last month after he publicly supported a black teammate who was protesting the National Anthem.

He and his wife Megan are both from Charlottesville, Virginia.  That's where white supremacists clashed with Antifa protesters last month.  And they were sad to see all that hatred and bigotry flooding into their hometown.

So yesterday, they announced they're doing something positive for the community . . . by donating over a third of his SALARY this year to set up scholarships for kids there.

He's donating his paychecks for the first six games of the season.  His current base salary is $1 million, plus a bunch of bonuses.  It's not clear if those are factored in or not.  So it's at least $375,000, maybe more.

As a kid, he went to a really good private school where tuition is over $24,000 a year now.  So he's working with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia.  And two kids will get free tuition, from sixth grade all the way through high school. 


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