Community Comes Together To Clean Up Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum has always been my favorite place in Dallas to go to since the late 80's. While its had its ups and downs one thing is for sure.... the community is tight, people actually care about helping each other and they take pride in their community  .

 Last Tuesday a group of Deep Ellum activists along with some Dallas police officers, City Counsel members and store owners came together to clean up the recent tagging going on. Sam Wynne, owner of BrainDead Brewing and Bowls and Tacos, was one of the many people who helped organize the clean up in Deep Ellum.

I've always admired the Deep Ellum community. People really do care and take pride in keeping Deep Ellum safe, clean, and look out for each other. Ironically police arrested a man who they believed may have been one of the taggers as they were cleaning up the streets! Talk about Karma! 

Check out the video from The Dallas Morning News. See how everyone came together! Rock on Deep Ellum! Love you!

xo Debbie Sexxton



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