Learn How You Can Help Veterans With The Mohawk Militia !

Meet Patrick Stark! You may have seen him on Food Network's  Cutthroat Kitchen (twice), ABC's The Taste Season 2, or Food Networks  Rewrapped, Mystery Diners and many other TV shows.

Patrick  is now cooking up something special to help military veterans  transition back into society. He founded The Mohawk Militia and for $1  you can help a vet in need. Patrick stopped by the Eagle to talk about  the charity, vets and his new band!  Check out the Facebook Live video  we did, it rocks! And yes he shows off his Cowboys From Hell tattoo on  his right cheek!

More info at : https://starkravingchef.com/mohawk-militia/


Patrick shows off his Cowboys From Hell tattoo

Many of you also remember Patrick from Dallas band Strangleweed. As he  mentions in the video his new band is Yoonkcorn Tekup. Kenny from the  band MESSER is producing it. Kenny's family member Oscar is on the  keyboard and is a dancer for the band. New to the Dallas music scene  Reese on vocals and Patrick on guitar.


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