The Eagle Lands At Metalfest 2018

Metalfest 2018 was a headbangers dream come true! Three rooms of pure metal constantly blaring from each room from noon till midnight at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth.

Jeff Ogle the promotor of Metalfest and guitarist of Lockjaw did an amazing job! Over 30 bands played with Drowning Pool headlining. 

Drowning Pool hit the stage around 11:30 to close out the show and killed it onstage. A special surprise was when Cj's brother Jacob from As Above/So Below,  jumped on stage to sing "Feel Like I Do" with Jasen. 

Debbie Sexxton and The Eagle's street team where there to support the DFW Metal Scene and personally jam out to the bands that are played on 97.1 The Eagles Loud And Local you can hear every Sunday night at 11pm. 

Check out some of the pictures below. A special thanks to Matt Thornton, Cindy's "NFL Expert" who got upfront to take pictures of Drowning Pool. Debbie's so metal she broke her ribs before the show!

Thanks to everyone who came out! Metal is alive and well in DFW!


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