Dogsitting gone WRONG- Naked guys with Lube surprise2


WATCH OUT for the APP  Wag.  Thats where this guy got his dogsitter....Klete Keller in Colorado Springs who's a former U.S. Olympic swimmer.  He's won five medals, including two golds in relays with Michael Phelps. He hired a dogsitter for his dog, Jimbo, because he was going to be gone all day Sunday. 

 He found a sitter using a service called Wag, and she got great reviews.  But when he got home around 1:00 A.M. on Monday, he found a VERY strange scene.There were two random shirtless dudes in his house . . . a big open bottle of LUBE . . . a camcorder . . . and some mysterious stains on his couch.  His dogsitter was in the shower.  So, yeah, we can all connect THOSE dots. Oh, and his dog was locked in his bedroom, where it had peed.

The dogsitter had explanations for all of it . . . or, some of it . . . and not good explanations.  She said those guys were her friends, and she needed the lube because her keys were stuck in her car, so she lubed them up to get them out.Wag says they're investigating what happened and they've suspended the dogsitter.



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