Spend 30 Hours In A Coffin At Six Flags And Get Paid

On October 13, six people at the theme park in St. Louis Six Flags, for Fright Fest.. will lie in separate 2-foot-by-seven-foot “slightly used” coffins for the chance to win $300. Not sure what slightly used coffin means but you could win cash! 

The rules of the “30-Hour Coffin Challenge” state that participants are allowed one six-minute bathroom break every hour, and all meals, snacks and drinks will be provided in the coffin. Phone-charging stations will also be provided, but contestants must provide their own pillow and blanket or sleeping bag. 

If you will be in the St Louis area go for it!! Hey... YOLO.. you get food, bathroom breaks and Six Flags passes! And... who doesn't want to keep a slightly used coffin! What $300 buck for 30 hours! That's just slightly over the minimum wage! To sign up go to this link https://www.sixflags.com/content/take-fright-fest-30-hour-coffin-challenge

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