Stormy Daniels Once had Sex Under Vinnie Pauls Drum Riser

She loves sex and heavy metal.   Stormy Daniels is promoting her new autobiography, Full Disclosure, where she talks about her life,  and how Vinnie's passing was really hard.

She said she was feature dancing at a club in Florida,"

 I mean several years ago I met Pantera. They’re my second favorite band of all time (Slipknot is her first). It was their guitar tech's birthday. So I brought him up on stage. This started an ongoing friendship with Pantera, and I spent a couple of weeks with them on tour. I had sex with a hot redhead under the drum riser as Vinnie was playing. It was sad when Vinnie Paul passed away as I was finishing the chapter in my book about Pantera. We’ve been friends for so long, and it was pretty hard.


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