TRUMPY BEAR- a toy tribute to The Donald

Fox News aired a commercial this week for TRUMPY BEAR . . . A teddy bear with PRESIDENT TRUMP-like hair, a red tie, and a pouch in the back that holds an American flag blanket.The whole thing sounds kind of cheesy . . . and the commercial is even cheesier.  It left a lot of people wondering if it was some kind of joke or parody.  

The fact is, this thing is real, and it's no joke.  Believe it or not, that commercial is totally sincere.  This thing is meant as a TRIBUTE to Trump.  It even has its own website, Trumpy Bear is made in China and sold by a Dallas-based company called Exceptional Products.  They also bought regional air time on Fox in New York City.  After the spot aired, Trumpy Bear went viral



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