Black Friday Chaos and there were several Shootings

Walmart stores across the country were a mess for Black Friday — despite their efforts to  make it simple.Many Walmart locations were re-arranged to better direct customers to cashiers — with reps handing out printed-out maps to customers and placing signs and balloons in sections of the store where special deals were happening 

.The company’s app even included color-coded Black Friday maps — with pins directing shoppers to the “top eight Black Friday deals” in the store.   

But  social media said the company’s efforts may have even made things worse, One twitter user said Walmart really blocked most aisles creating a maze and exacerbating the capitalist craziness,”  This Walmart is making people walk through the toy aisle to get to the checkout line,”  Not cool.

 There were also shootings on Black Friday

1.  A man in New Jersey was shot in the wrist at a mall in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  It happened between a Tommy Hilfiger store and a Marshalls . . . and so far, the victim isn't cooperating with the police.  

2.  There are videos circulating around online of at least three different fights at Walmarts around the country. 

3.  Two men were stabbed on Black Friday after a fight in Macy's at a mall in Syracuse, New York.  The cops don't have a suspect. 

4.  There was a shooting at a mall in Memphis, Tennessee . . . and the victim says it started when he looked at a, quote, "attractive woman" and four guys attacked and then shot him outside

5.  And the saddest of all . . . someone shot two people at the mall in Hoover, Alabama, and the cops thought it was a 21-year-old guy named Emantic Bradford, (who was a good guy with a gun trying to stop the shooter )  but the cops didnt know who was good/bad shooter, so they shot and killed him.  He was a US Army engineer.  



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