Sm Biz Owner Spends $4k on Giant Middle Finger for Local Govt.

A business owner in Westford, Vermont named Ted Pelkey recently spent $4,000 on a giant, wooden hand giving the middle finger.  He says it's a protest against the local government.  He's been trying to get a building permit so he can relocate his business, and they won't let him.   

ā€œIā€™m fed up and it was time to do something,ā€ Ted Pelkey said, according to the station.The statue is a large hunk of carved wood that looks like a hand flipping the bird. Pelkey placed it on a high pedestal so it could be seen from the road, and surrounded it with floodlights to keep it illuminated at night.

The sculpture cost him $4,000 and is made of a 700-pound block of pine, the Burlington Free Press reported. The unusual display comes amidst what Pelkey said was an ongoing dispute with the city over his plans to build a large garage and move his business to his property and the local govt is railroading him.

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