The Politically Correct Version of BABY IT COLD OUTSIDE

 The debate over the appropriateness of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is quickly becoming THE debate of our generation.  Well, DEAN MARTIN has broken his silence.  Kind of.

Dean has been dead since 1995.  But his daughter DEANA appeared on "Fox & Friends" yesterday, and she said her dad would be "going insane" over the debate if he were alive

She added, quote, "He would say, 'What's the matter with you?  Get over it.  It's just a fun song.'  'Cause he was so sweet anyway . . . He was a great guy.  Fun guy.  Nice.  And he wouldn't want to do anything offensive."

As for herself, Deana says she was "flabbergasted" over the controversy, because it's, quote, "a sweet, flirty, fun holiday song."  (Here's video.)

Dean did the song for his 1959 album "A Winter Romance".  In 2006, country singer MARTINA MCBRIDE overdubbed her vocals to sing it with him for a remastered version of the album "Christmas with Dino".

BELOW they discuss the pros and cons

Below that...its the POLITICALLY CORRECT VERSION of this song courtesy of Hawkeye!



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