5th Coyote Attack In Frisco

Monday 2 joggers were attacked by a coyote near Eldorado Parkway and Preston road. This is the 5th case of a coyote attack in that area in Frisco. The Frisco police department has posted the following safety tips:

  • Consider altering your plans for walking or jogging in the area until the aggressive coyote is captured.

  • If  you walk or jog in the area, consider carrying something that makes a  loud noise to scare off an animal, such as an airhorn or whistle.

  • Avoid walking small pets in the area until the coyote is captured.

  • If you walk a small animal, be sure it is on a leash.

  • Do not allow domesticated animals to roam free.

  • Do not approach or feed wildlife, and keep trash in a secure container.

Anyone who sees an animal that appears aggressive should call Frisco police at 972-292-6010.


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