Stephen A Smith Can SUCK IT!

Stephen  A  Smith has been trolling the COWBOYS fans and our team all season. Now he is eating crow and the feet the division Title holders....HA. I get it,  what better way to generate ratings than to take on one of the most beloved teams in the country?  Sure, its marketing. But watching him try to humble himself below is truly funny!  

I would have loved to see his face after that "meaningless" win over the Giants on Sunday! What a stooge.

Keep it up Stephen and you'll take us all the way to the SUPERBOWL.

Here he is below earlier in the season trolling us...taking on Jason Witten and Michael Irvin. Its a regualr catfight.


Here he is when he had to admit that our defense is LEGIT


And then, finally after winning the NFC he is coming up with yet again, another excuse for his blindly arrogant judgment.



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