Twisted Sister Sues Australian Politician Over Re-Write/Use Of Hit Song

Twisted Sister is threatening to sue an Australian politician for re-writing the band's biggest song. Millionaire businessman Clive Palmer is running for a seat on the Australian parliament, and has been using a re-written version of "We're Not Gonna To Take It" in a political ad without the band's permission.

Frontman Dee Snider tweeted yesterday that Twisted Sister does not endorse Clive Palmer, and that he's not gonna take it. Snider said, "We are contacting our legal team to address this and if that doesn't work...I"LL BE DOWN UNDER IN THREE WEEKS TO DEAL WITH IT MYSELF!"

Snider had previously given Donald Trump permission to use the song, but that stopped after the frontman got disillusioned with his now former friend.

What is the deal with some of these slimebag politicians, they think that they're entitled to free intellectual property?  Its stealing. Period.

In case you forgot how cheezy this video, its still funny to watch it. So effing cheeze! Here's the extended version.



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