Bret Michaels on His Daughter Raine's Sports Illustrated Bikini Modeling

Poison frontman Bret michaels, who dated the all-time Playboy cover girl Pamela Anderson and frolicked with hot bikini-clad models in music videos, is now watching his daughter as she works her way up the ranks in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit competition.

He admits that seeing his daughter all grown up and showing off her bod is his “comeuppance coming full circle.”

“As a dad I’m proud, but you know, there’s bittersweetness involved because it’s your daughter doing, you know, bikini Sports Illustrated,” he said. “I just look at it like this - I think she will be classy, she’ll be awesome, and I’m proud.”


From Yahoo! News - Bret Michaels jokes that daughter's Sports Illustrated swimsuit modeling is his 'comeuppance coming full circle'


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