Happy Death Day Killer looks just like the New Orleans Pelicans Mascot!!

The NBA's New Orleans Pelicans have a mascot named Pierre Pelican. He's a guy in a bird suit. Simple enough. But they have a secondary mascot who's not that simple. In fact, he's HORRIFYINGHis name is KING CAKE BABY and he's a nod to the Mardi Gras tradition of eating King Cakes, with little plastic baby dolls baked inside. He's an oversized baby with a face that'll give you NIGHTMARESIn fact, the face looks a lot like the mask the killer wears in"Happy Death Day". And so, of course, here comes the lawsuit . .

The guy who created King Cake Baby says they stole his design for the movie. He believes the first movie made around $200 million, and he wants at least HALF of that. It actually only made $125 million worldwideHe also wants a judge to stop them from using the mask until they can come to an agreement. But it's probably a little late for that.  The sequel "Happy Death Day 2U"comes out on Friday.



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