Youtuber Conspiracy Theory that CHUCK E CHEESE recycles used Pizza

here's the original video clip that keeps getting take off youtube...

(warning, this video contains adult language!)


Apparently, there's been a conspiracy theory floating around for years that Chuck E. Cheese RECYCLES pizza. Like, they take uneaten slices of pizza back to the kitchen, use them to Frankenstein together entire pizzas, and serve them.The "evidence" of the conspiracy is, well, how the pizzas at Chuck E. Cheese look. They aren't perfect circles . . . they've got slices that are all different lengths. Some of the cuts don't go straight across. Sometimes half a pepperoni disappears on a cutSo the YouTube starShane Dawsonrecently went to a Chuck E. Cheese to try to debunk the conspiracy. (THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM YOU TUBE AND SHANES FOLLOWUP, BUT . . . HERES A RESPONSE VIDEO WITH COME CLIPS OF SHANES VIDEO)  He ordered three pizzas, and they all sure LOOK like they're different pizzas smushed together.Obviously, Chuck E. Cheese VEHEMENTLY denies that they recycle pizza. A spokesperson says, quote, "The claims made in this video . . . are unequivocally false."So why are their pizzas all deformed? Quote, "We prepare our dough fresh in restaurant, which means they're not always perfectly uniform in shape." 

HERE'S A CHUCK E CHEESE employee's response



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