Random Stranger Rescues 2 ppl from Fire cuz he happened to have ladder


A hair salon near Ocean City, New Jersey caught fire this past Sunday. And within minutes, it was an inferno

Someone got video of it, and one half of the building was engulfed, including a set of stairs in the back. The fact that the stairs were on fire was a big deal, because two guys who lived in an apartment upstairs were trapped with no way out

But then out of nowhere, a random guy showed up with a ladder

His name is Jim Cox, and he owns a contracting company. He just happened to be driving by with his daughter. So they grabbed a 20-foot ladder from the top of his van, which was just tall enough to reach a window.

They were able to get both guys out just in time. Their entire apartment was filled with smoke and on fire about two minutes after that

Jim left before the local news got there and didn't want any credit for it. But they talked to him later on.

He said he's just happy he and his daughter were in the right place at the right time. 


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