PENTATONIX Does Sound of Silence- Which is better- this or Disturbed?


Arlington Texas: Kirstin Maldonado was only 19 years old when she and a few friends decided to audition for NBC's The Sing-Off. Young and green, the members of Pentatonix truly had no idea what would follow. After an epic win, the group secured a recording contract with a major music label...only to be dropped soon thereafter. But did they let that stop them? HELL NO! Instead, they used the rejection to fuel their fire, gaining millions of fans and multiple Grammys along the way. "Every single 'no' that you get, you know that that was an experience that you learned from," Kirstin says. "Keep going."

Now they've tackled THE SOUND OF SILENCE...which do you think is better ? this or Disturbed



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