Forbes announced KYLIE JENNER is the youngest "self-made" billionaire EVER

It's official: She's officially worth $1 BILLION, and at 21 years old, she did it two years faster than the previous record-holder, Mark Zuckerberg.

"Forbes" has announced that KYLIE JENNER is officially the youngest "self-made" billionaire EVER. She achieved it at just 21 years old, beating Mark Zuckerberg, who was 23 when he hit a billion.

Most of Kylie's money comes from Kylie Cosmetics, which she launched four years ago. The business is now worth more than $900 million, and she owns 100% of it.

People think "Forbes" is a joke for calling Kylie "self-made." She wasn't exactly an unknown teenager

She started regular appearances on her family's reality shows beginning when she was 10. People started buying her lip-kits because of who SHE was, not because of what the PRODUCT was....even if it was Kylie's vision from the start, and even if she's a savvy businesswoman, she benefitted not only from her platform, but also the resources and connections available to her, as a member of a wealthy celebrity family.

Notice how Forbes tried to pick a "business-like" shot of her instead of the skanka-rific stuff she usually posts on her instagram. Forbes can suck it.


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