New Music Video From VeiN

Check out VeiN this Sunday night on Loud And Local at 11pm. Want to know more about VeiN? Read their bio below and follow them on Facebook! They will be playing at Reno's April 13th!

We are an original Metal band, with elements of groove,thrash, heavy metal, and a good dose of punk metal,with a splash of prog metal.

If its metal then we try to incorporate it into our musical style as we don't want to limit our sound or music by saying or only doing one style of metal as there are so many!

Bottomline our music is METAL!!! We are currently working on fine tuning and recording our songs and we are always writing new ones when we can. Its tough trying to balance life and our music but we find time and make the most of it. We usually play in the Dallas area and are always looking to for the right show or opportunity to play no matter where that may be, who doesn't like a road trip! If you love metal, check us out as we all have metal in our VEINS!!!!



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