JUSSIE SMOLLET is now Saying his attackers wore WHITEFACE

JUSSIE SMOLLETT may not be completely in the clear yet. The City of Chicago will be sending him a bill, and it could be around $130,000.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says, quote, "The police are right now finalizing the cost that was used, police resources, to come to the understanding this was a hoax and not a real hate crime."He adds, quote, "It is a small way of both acknowledging, one, guilt; two, that we spent these resources, and the taxpayers deserve, at minimum."

PRESIDENT TRUMP has called for an FBI review of the case, but Emanuel is asking him to STAY OUT OF IT.

Meanwhile, Jussie's sticking to his story that he had nothing to do with the attack. Yesterday, his attorney suggested that the two black men who attacked him may have been wearing WHITEFACE to fool him. Below is a clip from the video (which has since been removed) of the Nigerian brother wearing his whiteface makeup for the Batman Joker video he did. Now if he was wearing a ski mask, do you think Jussie would have seen that make up? Really Jussie? WTF.



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