Woman Attacks Man with Her Crotch....gets arrested

25-year-old Jordin Castro and 27-year-old Jessica Williams were out drinking in Port Salerno, Florida late last month, at a restaurant called The Twisted Tuna. 


Then around 1:00 A.M., Jordin tried to FIGHT a bunch of people in the parking lot, and punched a valet in the face

An employee managed to hold him down for a while. Then Jordin tried to get up and keep fighting. But he was too drunk . . . fell forward . . . and slammed his FACE into the ground

Then, while he was lying on the pavement, Jessica grabbed him by the hair . . . and started slamming his face into her CROTCH. (???)

They both got arrested for disorderly conduct. And Jordin is also facing battery charges for punching the valet.

In his mugshot, he's got blood on his face and a pretty good cut on the bridge of his nose. We're assuming from the ground and not Jessica's crotch. 


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