Michigan Church celebrated 150yrs by releasing their own BEER BREW

"What is beer, but bread with an attitude? The Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan is celebrating their 150th anniversary . . . by releasing a signature beer in partnership with a local brewery. It's called the Fountain Streeter.

"2019 is our 150th anniversary, (the) church started in 1869, and has been in this location ever since,” said Executive Director Jack Woller.

Theyre teaming up with a Grand Rapids brewery to release their own brew.

"We are not a conforming church in any sense of the word," said Wooden.

The non-denominational church has a rich history including hosting Malcolm X, Amelia Earhart and U2, and is celebrating that tradition by created a beer with Brewery Vivant: the Fountain Streeter.

"Fountain Street Church has been proudly different, sometimes contrary, often controversial,” Wooden said. “So, this was a little bit in our character to do something off the beaten path as it were."

I think alot more ppl would go to church if they were serving beer....no?



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