Another Useless Survey: Careers Our Parents Want Us to Have

A new survey asked 2,000 parents what careers they want to see their kids go into when they grow up and the results basically say computers - good, interacting with people - bad. 

Here are the top five careers we want for our kids:

  1. Engineering, 48% of parents
  2. Coding, 45%
  3. Finance, 39%
  4. Healthcare, 36%
  5. I.T., 34%

And here's five careers we DON'T want them to have are:

  1. Sales, 2%
  2. Retail, 3%
  3. Transportation and logistics, 5%
  4. Human resources, 5%
  5. Journalism and publishing, 5%

From SWNS Digital - More than a fifth of parents would rather their child earned a decent wage as an adult than grew up to be kind or honest


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