What a Mom Really Wants

Two different surveys just came out that looked into what moms REALLY want for Mother's Day. Apparently women really do love getting flowers, a card, or anything sentimental, because all three of those things made the top five on both lists.

A survey by YouGov.com found the top ten things moms want this year are: 

  • flowers
  • spa day
  • a card
  • day to themselves
  • something sentimental
  • day with no chores
  • jewelry
  • something homemade
  • candy
  • clothes

Only 1% of women in the survey said electronics are the #1 thing they want.

The second survey by Groupon found the top things moms want are: 

  • a nice meal at a restaurant
  • flowers
  • a card
  • something their child made them
  • something sentimental
  • perfume
  • jewelry
  • clothes
  • massage
  • spa package

The first survey also looked at WHO we're giving presents to - 65% of adults plan to give at least one woman in their life a gift this year:

  • 43% of us will buy something for our mom
  • Our wife or partner is next at 18%
  • Then mother-in-law - 13%
  • sister - 7%
  • grandmother - 6%
  • friend - 4%
  • another relative like an aunt, also 4%. 

From YouGov.com - This is what moms actually want as a Mother’s Day gift

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