SWIFTIES are PISSED that TOOL will knock TAYLOR out of #1 Chart position


TAYLOR SWIFT's fans HEARD that this new band called "TOOL" that just put out an album . . . COULD knock Taylor's "Lover" out of the #1 spot on the charts. And they're not havin' it.

So the "Swifties" are all over social media, encouraging each other to stream her new tracks over and over again, so she stays on top. And some of the Tweets are HILARIOUS.

EXAMPLE1: "There is a chance of debuting at No. 2 due to a new band called Tool. If this ends up being the case then that would be an embarrassment beyond belief.

EXAMPLE 2 "This is Taylor Swift. She did not work her socks [off] for the album and promo for this mess to happen."

Another fan said, quote, "Keep streaming guys! This band Tool is dropping a new album after 13 years (lmao 13) is [okay] but . . . We still have a chance! STREAM #Lover by Taylor Swift HARDER!"

Tool fans seem amused by all this. One woman Tweeted, quote, "16-year-old Taylor Swift fans who have no clue who Tool is freaking out that they're gonna surpass her in sales (they will) is hilarious."

Another guy posted a PERFECT meme depicting "Dads all around the world" when they realize Tool is going to dethrone Taylor.



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