Tom Morello Reveals If He'd Ever Run For Office During Reddit AMA

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It's no secret Tom Morello is political — aside from co-founding Rage Against The Machine and Prophets of Rage, the guitarist has never been afraid to share his views with the world through he words as well as his music — so when he hosted a Reddit AMA on Tuesday (October 15) it was no surprise that a fan asked if he'd ever run for office. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be plastering "Morello 2020" bumper stickers on our cars.

"I was the scheduling secretary for a United States Senator for two years and that cured me of any desire to ever enter electoral politics," he answered simply. But he's still happy to give advice on how his fans can change the world themselves. "The first step is realizing that each of you reading this now is potential an agent of historical change," he stated. "Whenever progressive, radical, or even revolutionary change has occurred, the impetus has come from people just like yourselves. People who had no more power, money, courage, creativity, or influence than anyone reading this now. They just got off their a** and did it."

As for himself, the 55-year-old says he's been politically active since preschool. "I started becoming politically active at four years old because I was the only black kid in an all white town," he divulged. "I didn’t have any choice."

In addition to political questions, Morello also discussed his dedication to perfecting the art of guitar, his favorite punk bands, and how many times he's appeared on Star Trek. Check out the full Reddit AMA here.

Photo: Getty Images