Crazy NFL Fans

Houston Texans

Texan fan inspired my Darth Maul.

Buffalo Bills

Fan filled with spirit!

Denver Broncos

Bronco fan cheering for his team while serving cheeto realness.

Oakland Raiders

This guy's feeling the halloween spirit!

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills fans proving that real men wear pink.

Tennessee Titans

Titan's fan living his pineapple fantasy.

New Orleans Saints

The Joker rooting for the Saints.

Denver Broncos

Broncos fan taking a selfie.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"Big Nasty" coming through for his team!

Arizona Cardinals

That's one convincing cardinal fan!

Los Angeles Rams

This fan's a romantic.

Indianapolis Colts

Spooky fan showing their support for the Colts.

Philadelphia Eagles

Fan goes wild looking like the Eagles' version of Hulk.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs fans yelling for their team.

Minnesota Vikings

Vikings fan doing a good ol' yell.

Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals fan excited by his team.

Los Angeles Chargers

Fan bringing latin flavor to the game.

Photos: Getty Images