Texas Power Outages: How To Stay Warm Without Electricity

Nearly 4 million Texans are without power on Tuesday afternoon as winter weather continues to sweep through the state.

Rolling power outages are expected to continue in an effort to stop the power grid from becoming overloaded. Unfortunately, there's no deadline for the rolling outages and freezing weather is expected for the next few days.

It's still important to stay warm, and here's some tips and tricks on how to keep warm while the power is out.

  • Dress in layers. Wearing loose and warm clothing will help regulate your body temperature. Add and remove layers to stay comfortable, and don't forget to keep your head and your feet covered.
  • Close off cracks and drafts. Identify areas where cold air can entire your house. Putting towels under doors and around windows can help keep the cold air out.
  • Close all window blinds and doors.
  • Eat and drink something. Having a small snack will keep your body energized. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  • Move. Light exercise or being active around the house will get you blood circulating and help keep you warm.

If it's too cold inside your home or you cannot stay comfortably warm, go to your city's warming shelter.

Photo: Getty Images