Close Call! Video Shows 18-Wheeler Nearly Missing Grand Prairie Barbershop

A Grand Prairie barbershop narrowly avoid a disaster on Thursday morning after an truck driver blacked out behind the wheel.

The driver was near Main Street at Northeast 2nd Street when he had a medical emergency and lost control of the 18-wheeler, CBS DFW reported.

The truck jumped the curb and plowed through cars parked in front of A&M Barber Studio.

"It felt like a movie. Really, it felt like a real-life movie. It just happened so quick," said Richard Cantu, who was working at the barbershop that morning.

The barbershop shared security camera video showing the crash and how the truck stopped just a few feet away from the business's front windows.

Amazingly, no one on the street was injured, but it would have been different story if business was slower that day.

Cantu told local media he and other barbershop employees like to sit on the guardrail outside the shop when they're waiting for customers. The truck took out the guardrail, street lights, and a fire hydrant, among other damage done to the sidewalk.

After the crash, the truck driver was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to the Grand Prairie Fire Department.

Photo: Grand Prairie Fire Department