Man Fined $14,500 For Being Drunk And Touching Passengers On Dallas Flight

Being a drunk jerk on a plane is a very expensive mistake to make, as one man flying into Dallas recently found out.

It all started on a SkyWest flight from Yuma, Arizona, to Dallas on January 14.

The unidentified man brought a handful of 50 milliliter mini alcohol bottles with him on the flight and started knocking them back. He then started turning around to touch the passenger behind him.

A flight attendant moved the man to another seat, but he just couldn't sit still. He began bothering the people around him and leaving his seat to move around the plane. Tired of his antics, the flight attendant yelled at the man to sit down.

Two off-duty police officers who were also on the plane had to physically restrain the man so he wouldn't leave his new seat. They sat behind him until the plane landed.

The pilot requested law enforcement to meet the plane when it arrived at DFW airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration slapped the man with a $14,500 fine for disrupting the flight.

The federal agency also announced on Tuesday that two passengers on a January 4 JetBlue flight from Haiti to Boston where fined $31,750 and $16,750. Both passengers were drinking alcohol they brought on the plane and had to be escorted off by police because they were disruptive. One passenger received a higher fine because they grabbed two flight attendants.

Photo: Getty Images