VIDEO: Driver Survives Fiery Explosion On North Texas Highway

A driver in North Texas on Sunday walked away from a car explosion that looked like something out of a Michael Bay movie.

A Toyota Supra was driving on Highway 114 near White Chapel in Southlake, Texas, when it started smoking. The Supra was on the side of the road when it suddenly exploded.

Stephen Patiño was traveling in the opposite direction on the highway when he caught the moment the car blew up on video.

Video shows a fireball spreading across multiple lanes of traffic as unsuspecting drivers continued passing the burning Supra.

Amazingly, no one was injured in the blast.

The explosion did cause a grass fire along the highway, and authorities had to shut down two lanes in order to clean everything up, CBS DFW reported.

The cause of the explosion hasn't been identified, but the Southlake Department of Public Safety said the Supra driver did the right thing. When the Supra started smoking, they pulled over and called for help.

"This video does look like something out of Hollywood, but things go wrong some time. Err on the side of caution. We like you and want you to be around awhile," Southlake DPS wrote on Facebook.

Photo: Southlake DPS