Jerry Jones Is Strongly Encouraging Cowboys To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones has become one of the most vocal COVID-19 vaccine supporters in the NFL.

He's strongly encouraging everyone in the Cowboys organization to get the vaccine.

“Very much. Any chance I get. Seriously, we are unabashed about encouraging everyone to get the vaccine. It certainly will enable us to not have anybody that should become ill that might have become ill," Jones said in an interview with the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Jones wants his team to be an example for the league and nation on how to safely return to normal during the pandemic.

The NFL or team owners can't force players, coaches, and other team personnel to get the shot, but the league is giving people incentives to get vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated players and coaches will no longer have to take daily COVID-19 tests. They will also not be required to quarantine if they come in close contact with someone who has COVID-19.

Team employees who refuse the vaccine without a "bona fide medical or religious" reason will be banned from working with or near players, the NFL said earlier in April.

As for Jones, he was championing the vaccine even before it was widely released to the public. In a December interview, Jones said "I believe so much the vaccine is the way out" of the pandemic, USA Today reported.

Photo: Getty Images