Security Guard Delivers Baby In Elevator At Texas Hospital

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas mom had an unforgettable Mother's Day this year.

Expecting mother Betzabeth Perez gave birth to her fourth child in an unexpected place with unexpected help at Medical City Dallas. Hospital security officer Eli Davila delivered Perez's baby in an elevator, according to WFAA.

Security footage shows Davila hurrying to get Perez on a wheelchair and into the hospital and calling it in on the radio. "Anytime we have a big issue, we call it out on the radio. I was like, there's no time for this, we gotta go!" Davila told the hospital in an interview, according to WFAA. When Davila and Perez got inside the hospital, what happens next is a story for the ages.

Surveillance video showed Davila wheeling Perez into an elevator. At this time, Perez is clearly grimacing while Davila is frantically pressing buttons to get the elevator where it needed to go. The hospital told WFAA the baby was crowning. Video footage from another floor then shows Davila and Perez exiting the elevator — with her baby girl, Mia, in her arms. The baby was delivered in under a minute, Davila said.

"No medical training whatsoever. It was just one of those things where you watch all this TV, and you just put it into practice right now. The baby started crying, and the mom got calm, and I told them everything was going to be fine and that the worst was over," Davila said.

Perez and her new baby Mia are doing OK, WFAA reported. "Bringing a baby into this world and having a part in it — it's just really crazy," Davila said.

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