This Is The 'Most Beautiful' Place In Texas

Photo: Getty Images

Every state has things its known for. Whether it's famous foods or iconic landmarks, it's easy to find something beautiful in every part of the U.S. But what is the most beautiful?

Travel + Leisure compiled a list of the most beautiful places in every state. Here's what the travel site said about its list:

"The natural beauty found across the 50 states is so vast and staggering, it's practically impossible to make sense of — though you can't say we didn't try. Here, our totally subjective, state-by-state list of the most beautiful places in the U.S."

In Texas, the most beautiful place is the Guadalupe Mountains. Here's what Travel + Leisure said to back up its decision:

These mountains in windswept West Texas are the exposed tips of the 400-mile Capitan Reef, one of the best-preserved ancient reef systems in the world. Explore more than 80 miles of hiking trails, ranging from easy nature walks through the Chihuahuan Desert to hardcore hikes to the "Top of Texas" (a.k.a. Guadalupe Peak, the state's highest point).

To read the full list of the most beautiful place in every state, click here.

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