An amazing spot for a luxury stay. 

Many, many white and orange bengla tigers at this place..also leopards, pumas, lemurs, llamas....

You'll spent the night on a posh little suite hovered above everything.

Directly below you is the Lion enclosure with 2 male African Lion youngsters.

Directly off your balcony is a huge waterfall enclosure for Orange Bengal Tigers.

The raffle winner wins the stay +1, a $1000 gift card from Amazon, and amazing VIP privelidges on the grounds...likke night tours and FEEDINGS, even! 

It's costs a $1000 donation per night. 

Win your way in in their charity raffle below!

Here's the raffle you can get in on to win a stay for two and a $1,000 gift card from Amazon:

Here's more on CARE Rescue of Texas!