This year's version of the "Fight of the Century" ended up being a lot better than anyone expected.  Conor McGregor actually lasted 10 rounds before Mayweather won by TKO.   

MAYWEATHER is still undefeated, It was a technical knock-out, so Conor didn't hit the mat . . . the ref just stopped it when Floyd started battering him senseless.  He was bloodied and seemed dazed and exhausted

The fight went as a lot of people expected, with Floyd basically out-boxing Conor, who's obviously not a boxer.  He still made a pretty good showing for himself.  But he did sneak in a few too many rabbit punches to the back of Floyd's head. We were dying laughing at that.

If anything, the match was CLOSER than some people thought it would be . . . particularly in the first three rounds, where it seemed like Conor was winning.  But it's likely Floyd was just hanging back to let him tire himself out, rope-a-dope style.

After the fight, Floyd confirmed that's what he was doing . . . quote, "His punching power is solid but . . . it wasn't the kind of power that stopped me coming forward.  My plan was to let him shoot heavy shots and take him down the stretch."

He also said that he wanted to go on the offensive to make sure the fight didn't go the distance.  He said he owed fans a better fight than the one he had with Manny Pacquiao.

McGregor said he thought the fight ended too early, and he wished that the referee would've let it continue.  But he acknowledged that Mayweather boxed him well.  He also said that he had a lot of fun.

The MONEY sure helps, too.  Floyd was guaranteed a purse of $100 million, and Conor was guaranteed $30 million.  However, the promotional money from the fight should push Mayweather's earnings past $200 million, and McGregor's past $100 million

A lot of celebrities were at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to watch the fight . . . including Bruce Willis, Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, Jamie Foxx, Akon, Diddy, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Mike Tyson, LeBron James, and Steve Harvey.

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