Girl Bites into KROGER Pastry and Gets STUCK WITH baked in NEEDLE

A girl was stuck with a NEEDLE after biting into a pastry from Kroger. Her father has hired a lawyer and Kroger is investigating the incident.

"She took a pastry out of her mouth, and I looked down, and it was a needle there,” Ruel said. "I was kind of freaked out initially like, ‘Hey, how did that get in there? Was there anything else in there or any other ones?’

The father Ricardo Ruel says the incident could have turned out a lot worse, if his daughter had swallowed the pin. Now, she has to have testing done to make sure everything is OK.

"The process that was explained to me is that they come in frozen, and the bakers take everything out and put them in trays. They bake them there at Kroger at the bakery, and they package them and put the stickers on them, the labels,” Ruel said.

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